Autopsy® is the premier open source digital forensics platform that has thousands of users worldwide. It has been developed by Basis Technology and an open source community.

Autopsy has the core analysis features that are needed by law enforcement and corporate investigators to conduct an investigation of a hard drive or mobile device. Its early funding from the U.S. Army and current funding from DHS S&T have allowed it to be focused on ease of use.

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You can use Autopsy today to:

  • Replace your existing tools because of its unique features (such as timeline analysis).
  • Validate your existing tools.
  • Use as a development platform and make Java or Python plug-in modules. Refer to the Autopsy Developer’s Guide for details.

To get involved with the open source community, use the forums or the Autopsy and sleuthkit users e-mail list.

Basis Technology offers training and commercial support to help you get started with using Autopsy and to answer questions as you start to use it.  Basis Technology can also develop custom modules and interfaces to uniquely meet your mission needs.

Digital Forensics


  • Simple Windows installation and intuitive and efficient workflow
  • Recent user activity extraction, including web activity and registry analysis
  • Keyword list and pattern search, including phone numbers, email addresses, URLs, and IP addresses
  • Hash database management
  • File signature and mismatch detection
  • Email analysis
  • Case management, file tagging, and report generation
  • Timeline analysis and creation

Commercial Support

Like many open source projects, Autopsy has an active online user community to help with basic problems and maintain email lists for users and developers. If your lab is looking for commercial-level support of Autopsy, see our support page for details.


To maximize your efficiency and reduce the learning curve that can sometimes come with adopting a new tool, Basis Technology offers focused, hands-on training sessions for Autopsy.  See the training page for more details.

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